Drawing inspiration from modern and contemporary art, Marisfrolg.SU combines the longing for a better life and the pursuit of individuality into the brand's “the art of everyday” cultural genes, explore the everyday elements of space, time, lifestyle , the expression of "art" and fashion styles. Through the pursuit of fashionable design and excellent quality, we created a fashion style suitable for commuters of the new era. In the interpretation of the new era of commuter women's artistic life and the demand for dress style, brand culture interpretation, focus on shaping the current, multi-dimensional, three-dimensional brand culture content.

During the introduction of new brand image, new VI and new products, we attempt to do terminal promotion in the way of fairs and sales. The concept of pop-up store is to create the exclusive space belonging to Miss Su, planning interesting and rich interaction, introducing iconic exhibition design, delivering the core concept of the brand, which are happiness, truth and dynamism.

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